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We are focused on helping you find peace of mind as you navigate the legal complexities of bankruptcy, estate planning and more.

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At Oakes Law Office, PC, we believe that you deserve experienced and dedicated legal help with facing financial and other life issues that fall under the scope of local, state, or federal law. Overwhelming debt, protecting your assets for the benefit of your loved ones, real estate matters, and more can all be daunting issues for which most of us are unprepared and uninformed when it comes to legal understanding. When dealing with these difficult and often threatening issues, you need information, sound legal advice, and guidance from an advisor and representative you can trust.

For individuals and families throughout Medford, Klamath Falls, and Jackson County, you can turn to an attorney with proven results who has helped thousands of people throughout more than two decades of legal practice. Since 2001, Oakes Law Office, PC has provided compassionate guidance, tenacious advocacy, and dedicated service to those needing legal help with runaway debt, credit harassment, estate planning, landlord tenant issues, and real estate matters in our community. We know how deeply these issues can impact your livelihood, future, and peace of mind and how invaluable legal understanding and representation can be when you need to tackle and resolve them.

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Our Practice Areas

Our Medford lawyer and team focus on a few practice areas that are often interrelated and because we have spent so many decades resolving these issues, we believe we bring outstanding representation to our clients.

These areas include:

Bankruptcy. This area includes resolving your overwhelming debt through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 filings based on your individual financial situation and goals.

Student loans. You may be eligible for some debt relief through a bankruptcy filing.

Landlord-tenant. Let us advocate for you in these matters and disputes.

Creditor harassment. Get help when you are facing threatening phone calls, letters, and texts from unscrupulous debt collectors. Your case may fall under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Estate planning. Protect yourself and your assets for the benefit of your loved ones and beneficiaries through proper legal methods such as wills, trustsliving trustsspecial needs planning, and incapacity planning.

Credit reporting. Have you had problems with unfair credit reporting or access? The Fair Credit Reporting Act provides legal protections for consumers.

Probate. Get legal help with estate administration to ensure it is handled properly and to protect yourself and your loved one’s estate.

Real estate matters including deed preparation.

Serving Medford, Klamath Falls & Jackson County

The selection of an attorney to represent you in any legal matter can be difficult. Furthermore, you may have many law firms to choose from. At our firm, we know that the representation we provide is a matter of trust which is why you will have direct access to your attorney from the outset. Our firm is built on person-to-person communication between attorney and client so that we can build confidence, respect, and understanding. Whether you are buried in debt, worried about how to provide a safe future for your heirs, or need legal advice in another area of our practice fields, we urge you bring your matter to our dedicated Medford attorney and team today.


Oakes Law Firm has been open for 21 years and is well respected in the community. Founding attorney, Karen Oakes, has handled thousands of cases since becoming an attorney.


Karen enjoys sharing information and is a big believer in educating and allowing clients to know and understand the status of their case.


Our team emphasizes direct client and attorney contact and communication. It is the best way to fully understand the complexities of a client’s case.


Karen is genuinely invested in building relationships with her clients and she will fiercely represent you. 

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