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Oregon has established many laws affecting the landlord/tenant relationship in the state. Various issues can arise that can lead to disputes between landlords and tenants.

These issues can range from matters pertaining to:

These issues often require an understanding of the law or laws surrounding them. As in any legal situation, it can be difficult to locate or understand the pertinent statutes and how they affect your particular situation. Furthermore, your situation may require action by an attorney who can represent your best interests in resolving the matter in an effective manner.

At Oakes Law Office, PC, we can provide advice, guidance, and representation in court in any matter involving landlord/tenant law. Our attorney has been assisting tenants  throughout Klamath County with the issues affecting them for more than two decades. We recommend that you discuss the specifics of your matter or dispute in a consultation so that you can understand your position from a legal standpoint and your options for resolving it.

Reach out to our Klamath tenant attorney by giving us a call at or contact us online to arrange for a consultation about your legal issue.

Tenant Law in Oregon

As stated above, many issues and laws surround the landlord/tenant contract. Whether you are on a month-to-month landlord/tenant agreement or a lease agreement, your relationship can involve various matters that give rise to confusion, disagreement, and dispute.

These matters can include:

What must be disclosed on rental agreements or leases

Disclosures can involve everything from the payment of utility bills to recycling, smoking policies, pet policies, renters’ insurance, smoke alarms, and more.

Tenant fees

Only certain fees may be charged by landlords to tenants based on law. Examples of these include fees for late rental payments, damages to property, checks that bounce, violations of smoking or parking rules, and other specific actions

Failure to maintain the premises

Where a landlord fails to provide habitable conditions, tenants have certain rights. These include withholding rent for minor repairs needed up to $300.

Security deposits

Oregon law allows for a last month’s rent to be used as a security deposit and must be returned within a set time period with an accounting of how any money was applied to damages or unpaid rent.

Rent control

State law has established rent control limiting increases during any 12-month period and necessitating proper notice to tenants before a rent increase can occur.


Landlords must follow state rules on how and when they can evict tenants. These vary according to the type of tenancy involved, such as month-to-month or leases.

Landlord/Tenant Law in Oregon

Helping Settle Disputes With Your Landlord

If you are involved in a dispute, whether as a tenant or landlord, you can rely on Oakes Law Office, PC. We can provide the representation you need to address the situation, whether it is a simple matter that can be resolved by a letter from our attorney or a legal claim that must be heard in civil court. Our attorney is a tenacious advocate who has the knowledge and experience needed to help you fight for the justice you deserve.

The Oakes Law Office is here to help. Reach out to our firm online or at to get started on a consultation with our Klamath landlord/tenant lawyer today.

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