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Have Your Rights Been Violated Under The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)?


  • Collection Agency called your neighbors, friends or employers and gave them information or message to pass on to you?
  • Received abusive phone messages or letters from bill collectors or creditors?
  • Sworn at or insulted by collection agents on the phone?
  • Called by a collection agency at work after telling the collector to not contact you at work?
  • Lied to, threatened, or harassed by a creditor?
  • Received collection notices requiring payments in less than 30 days or a lawsuit will be filed against you
  • Threatened with garnishment (without a judgment already in place), liens or arrest for not paying a bill?

If you have suffered from any of these abusive bill collection practices, you may be entitled to compensation.   We can help any consumer currently in collection or past collection who has suffered from collection harassment.   These acts are all potential violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).    Many debt collectors routinely violate the Act and I can stop abusive collection practices. THERE IS NO FEE IN YOUR FDCPA CASE UNLESS I RECOVER MONEY FOR YOU.   The rights afforded you under the FDCPA means that the debt collector who violated your rights may ultimately be made to pay your attorney fees if your case is successful.   If I agree to represent you in a FDCPA case, you won’t have to pay any attorney’s fees to my office unless I recover money for you on your behalf (although you will be responsible for costs incurred in the lawsuit).

The FDCPA May Be An Alternative to Bankruptcy

You have rights under Oregon state law and federal law in regards to the repayment and collection of debts.   You may be able to avoid bankruptcy altogether by pursuing your rights under the FDCPA.   Bankruptcy is not right for everyone.  The FDCPA has helped many people avoid the need for bankruptcy and even pay some or all of the debt with the proceeds from their FDCPA lawsuits.   Generally, it is just a matter of time before a debt collector violates the federal law put in place to protect you from abusive collection practices.  If you are considering bankruptcy, you might want to consider an FDCPA action instead. 

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Fight back!!  Debtors have rights under Oregon laws. 

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