Thousands of Oregonians, including my Medford, Oregon clients and my Klamath Falls, Oregon clients,  have been successful in rebuilding their financial health and eliminating stress by using the tools provided by Congress in the United States Bankruptcy Code.  They have been able to move on to financial health and to rebuild their credit.

First Step Towards Relief From Stress Is A Phone Call To Oakes Law Offices, P.C. at 1-866-NO-DEBTZ in either Medford, Oregon or Klamath Falls, Oregon

The first step is to gather information.   Like a dentist office, no one really wants to come and see a bankruptcy lawyer in Medford, Oregon or in Klamath Falls, Oregon (or even on the Oregon Coast)….but sometimes that trip is necessary for health.    I personally will procrastinate about dental appointments until my toothache is unbearable.  My clients usually should have come months earlier but they wait until the pain and stress is unbearable before seeking answers or relief.

Many of my Medford, Oregon bankruptcy clients know that they are unable to pay their debts and need to find some way to deal with those debts.   They lose sleep with worry and stress over whether the Jackson County home will be lost.   They worry about the Medford car being repossessed because of the late payments.   OR, they are current on the bills but are using advances on credit cards to pay the other credit cards.

Some Klamath Falls, Oregon clients have looked at debt settlement or debt negotiation programs thinking those may be the answer.  Most Klamath County clients do not want to come to my office–they are embarrassed and fearful of what the outcome will be and what other people will think of them.  My clients’ income ranges from those who make minimum wage ($8.50/hr) all the way up to $150,000/year.   Each of my clients share one common trait however.   Whether Medford or Klamath Falls residents, my clients are all good people who would pay their debts if they could.  They are good Oregonians who found themselves in a small financial crisis, which then, like a snowball headed downhill, got bigger adn bigger until the problem took over their lives.

There are many bankruptcy attorneys in Southern Oregon, including Klamath Falls, Medford, Brookings, Gold Beach, Grants Pass.    Before you decide which Medford bankruptcy attorney is the right attorney for your problems, you will need to feel comfortable that your Medford bankruptcy attorney is experienced and that your Jackson County attorney has the right combination of skills, knowledge and aggressiveness to make your Oregon bankruptcy case a success.

To get started, call my Oregon bankruptcy office for a free consultation.  The receptionist will let you know what kind of information to bring with you to that first appointment.   After you arrive, there will be a short video presentation on bankruptcy and then a conversation with Karen Oakes.

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Oakes Law Offices, P.C. are located in the City of Medford, Jackson County, and serving the cities of Medford and Klamath Falls.

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